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Lake Naivasha & Mau Eburu ecosystem

Lake Naivasha



          This photo documentary highlights different projects that fight for the protection of one of the main ecosystems within Kenya, the Mau Eburu forest/Naivasha. This huge coalition of professionals includes coastal guards, Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Forest Service in Eburu forest, the bongo surveillance project, Kenya Bird of Prey Trust, and the essential work with local communities to spread the importance of Conservation.

Coastal guards are fighting against the overfishing in Lake Naivasha that exploded during the Covid. According to this article published in National Geographic, around 40 people were attacked by hippos in Naivasha in 2020, and 14 of them died. The illegal fishing rate exploded while in Covid and remains very high until now. This area was very famous for the export of flowers, and this market was almost completely shut down during the last years. Hence, a lot of locals started to fish at the lake without respecting the established criteria. This conflict with hippos gets intensified when people don’t have money to buy proper boats and end up using improvised floats to perform the activity.


The Conservation work that takes place in the Eburu forest is not only protecting the area but is also acting to reverse the environmental problems. One of these initiatives is reforesting a huge zone that has previously been destroyed for crop and illegal charcoal production. This ecosystem is home to the critically endangered Mountain Bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus isaaci), an endemic species to Kenya. The Kenya Bird of Prey Trust is responsible for rescuing and rehabilitating birds around the ecosystem, especially raptors.

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