On this page I present photo-documentaries of actions related to biodiversity conservation, including rescuing animals in disaster situations, nature conservation projects, among others.



Bushfire in the Juquery State Park, municipality of Franco da Rocha. The criminal practice of launching unmanned balloons caused the destruction of more than 53% of the park's vegetation, putting the local fauna in danger.


As a result of a drought never seen in the last 50 years, the largest floodplain in the world has turned into a desert. This photo-documentary shows the rescue operation of caimans (Caiman yacare) in Pantanal.


In addition to dealing with the recurrent fires and historical droughts in the Pantanal, the animals are constantly exposed to being run over, especially in MT-060, the Transpantaneira road.


The drought that hit the Pantanal in 2021 is the most severe in 50 years. The largest floodplain in the world, considered one of the “hotspots” of biodiversity on the planet, is subjected to an intense process of desertification.

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