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About me

Fernando Faciole, 23 years old and Brazilian. Fascinated by wildlife since I was little, I always sought the contact with nature. I spent most of my childhood in a trailer, scaping from the great city of São Paulo. Surrounded by wildlife I was then developing my passion for biology.


At the age of fifteen I bought my first semi-professional camera and then I traveled to the Amazon Forest for the first time. At that moment, immersed in the forest and without contact with civilization, photographing the animals began to gain a great meaning to me.


In 2015 I lived for a year in Australia and then I had the opportunity to explore a small part of each one of the 5 continents, always getting to know the local biodiversity.


Currently I am graduating in Biological Sciences by the Federal University of ABC (UFABC) and working as a wildlife and nature photographer.


The photographs represent, in my opinion, one of the most powerful tools of awareness. I seek then to register nature`s grandiosity in its most different forms, sensitizing the society in relation to animals and their habitats.


My mission is to document not only wildlife, but also conservation projects around the world that do much to protect biodiversity.


All photos in the gallery are of my own and were taken in the wild, otherwise it will be informed.






Contact me

Fernando Faciole

São Paulo, Brazil

Tel: +55 (11) 98870-8585



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