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About Me


Fernando Faciole, Brazilian biologist and conservation photographer. Fascinated by wildlife since I was little, I have always sought contact with nature. I spent most of my childhood in a trailer, fleeing the big city of São Paulo.

At age fifteen, I got my first semi-professional camera and then traveled to the Amazon Forest for the first time. At that moment, immersed in the forest and out of contact with civilization, photographing animals and nature began to take on great meaning for me.

In 2015 I lived in Australia for a year and then had the privilege of exploring a small part of each one of the 5 continents, always getting to know the local nature. In 2016, I entered the Biological Sciences degree to deeply understand the world around me.

Conservation and nature photography represents, in my opinion, one of the most powerful awareness tools. I try, then, to register the grandeur of nature in its most different forms, to sensitize society concerning animals, their habitats, and all the conservation efforts that protect them.

My images have already been released in several high-end media, including National Geographic Brazil, BBC News Brazil, Wildlife Photographic Magazine, Galapagos Conservation Trust, IUCN Red List, IUCN Reports, and others.

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