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Roadkills in the MT-060, Transpantaneira Road

Transpantaneira Road

MT, Brazil


In addition to dealing with the recurrent fires and historical droughts in the Pantanal, animals are constantly exposed to being run over, especially in MT-060. A highway known as Transpantaneira, connects Poconé to Porto Jofre, with almost 150km in length and 120 wooden bridges.


Although legislation stipulates a maximum speed of 40km / h in the region, there is no strict control by local authorities and most drivers exceed this limit. Driven by the dramatic situation that devastates the Pantanal in 2021, animals are increasingly looking for new environments to live.


On this journey, they face cars and trucks that seriously injure them, leading many to a slow and painful death. Volunteer groups, such as the Group for the Rescue of Animals in Disasters (GRAD), in partnership with IBAMA, work on the front lines to rescue and provide emergency treatment for those who are run over.

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